The Quilt, Unravelled. Prologue

Years had passed since she had hand sewn that first little square. It was a memoir of the family’s pioneering spirit. It depicted the struggles, deceptions, the loss and the heartbreak. It told the story of an unprecedented love born through horrific circumstances. Of a passion that could not be denied.  But was it strong enough to heal the jagged scars, survive adversity and restore lost trust? Would her only son find contentment and peace by shaking off the expectations of others and discovering a road he truly wanted to travel? Would his love be resilient enough to endure unimaginable loss so that he did not have to travel that road alone?

She settled back against the old chair that was well worn into the shape of her body. Yes, life has many unexpected twists and turns. Along the way you can choose to learn from the mistakes of those that went before. Or you can carry their load like a heavy smothering quilt until that weight becomes impossible to bare.

Again, Jean reached over to lovingly finger the soft material. A life and history told in detailed pictures. Pictures that she intended to pass down to future generations. An illustration of where they came from and what went before. What helped to mould them into the people they would be. Perhaps it would be a small part of the jigsaw that would guide and tether their path to a better future.

Would she have been wiser to translate the well-worn diaries and her family’s reluctantly unlocked memories into a book, into the simple written word? Again, the wrinkled brown paper bag features crumpled to form a smile. Yes, maybe, and perhaps one day she would. But that would have to wait until she had sewn the last little squares into the quilt.

She sighed and looked towards the carefully arranged pile of remaining fabrics. The ones that illustrated reclining mermaids, fine wine, small dogs and stark paw prints that led to no-where in the sand.

I hope you have enjoyed the final portion of the prologue.  This book is currently available at a reduced price on both Amazon UK and  The Quilt, Unravelled is a romantic story about a young couple thrown together by tragedy and a pioneering  family hoping to find closure.

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