The unlikely blogger

Shearers Cottage

Shearers Cottage. Photo by Bryan Lowcay.

The Quilt, Unravelled

Native bush, photo by Bryan Lowcay.

For anyone that knows me, blogging is not a term they would use in the same sentence as my name.  I admit that I can remember typewriter’s, dictaphone’s,  shorthand, dial telephones and that I have no idea where my mobile phone is located and  have been known to torture the device to death when asked to text.  Please be patient  while I navigate through what I hope will provide some insight in to the small country that I call home, the people of New Zealand, my launch in to the world of a self published author, the progress of my new novel and some of the times and locations that provided the inspiration and settings for “The Quilt, Unravelled”.

Occasionally I will inflict a foal or cat photo on you.  Please humour me and make the appropriate noises even if you do not consider them cute.  I will refrain from posting personal boring details about my almost normal family, my almost adult children and what we are eating for dinner.  Primarily because my almost adult children would hunt me down,  I am a lousy cook and my culinary offerings tend to be crammed between my writing and farm work.

By now you will realize The Quilt, Unravelled is on Countdown with Amazon for a limited time.  If you have purchased the novel and have read or are reading the story of Joanne Kyle and the Clarke family I thank you.  Your comments are welcome.

Tomorrow is an exciting day.  The cover from The Quilt, Unravelled will be in cover wars! I will update when it is on and would appreciate your support and sharing.  If you, like me, think my art director friend Clare has done a great job of designing an attractive, enticing cover that even looks good on a thumb nail please vote.  If you really like her work you can  vote once a day for a week.  The sunset photo was taken by my  son in a time before he became a teenager.  Did you notice the silhouette of a small boat in the background?   If you have read the story you will know the significance.

Enjoy the pictures of what Shearers Cottage would have looked like and the environment it would have sat in.  Photography by Bryan Lowcay with my thanks.

Happy reading!

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