The Chaotic Blogger!


Meet my distraction!


Meet the reason I have not bored you with requests to vote for my cover on Authors Shout.  Today is one of those days when I would like to return to bed, pull the blankets over my head and quietly devour a quality block of chocolate.  This little man arrived in the small hours of this morning despite not being due for two weeks. “He” was officially classified as a “she” until the vet informed me my already poor eyesight had obviously deteriorated.

Now for all you creative types please help me out.  He needs a name.  There are restrictions.  It has to be catchy and include the name Smart to recognize his talented sire!   Yes you are required to make the appropriate noises even if you do not think he is cute.

The house is under a layer of dirt,  I am considered negligent to have missed a foaling and dinner will be one of those recipes you don’t want to receive.  Hope you have achieved more than me today and if you have a spare few minutes please give The Quilt, Unravelled a vote!

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