As you probably know my cover is in a cover wars competition.  The theory is great.  Nice cover, well designed and eye-catching.  But in reality this is a vote of popularity and I am subscribing to it.   There is a saying about winning friends and influencing people.  Efforts to motivate and encourage  votes I would describe as losing friends and alienating people!  And is one weeks publicity worth it?  Have I got the time and energy to dedicate to something as trivial as a numbers game?  It is always nice to succeed and I appreciate the support.  But in a few days time will it really be important?

When I look at the news, a young man is dead.  Killed in a freak accident while playing his chosen sport.  Another young man will have to work through the guilt of bowling a ball with devastating but accidental consequences.  No in the scheme of things we can become caught up in what seems important today, but has no real relevance to who we are, what we can and will do and what defines us as good and creative human beings.

On a lighter subject.  With chaos in my head I began to write.  The characters began to dictate their story and my words began to paint  a picture for the reader.  The Quilt, Unravelled is set on the dramatic canvas of high country New Zealand.  This rugged landscape was tamed by hard pioneering men.  During the devastating period of war the land reverted  to secondary growth and gorse.  This is the time when the Clarke family acquired the farm that would become Twin Pines station.   But is a persons future dictated by their heritage?  By the path previous generations have taken?  Paul Clarke will have to decide.

Have a great special day if you are in the US and happy showing over the weekend to my horse friends.

10808324_10204437437873681_240039643_nBryan photo 1


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