Tonight Cover Wars will end.  Another chapter closed that has disrupted, divided and frustrated.  Life will commence on Monday morning with less distraction and more time to give attention to what really matters.  We are “winning” at the moment, I suspect by tonight our lead will have diminished and really will it matter next week?  What has mattered, what  the prize really is, is in the  people that have voted.  They have taken the time to deviate from their life and press the vote button.  I do wonder if many have paused to actually consider the covers? Or if they have simply obliged having read a request from myself, another author or a friend or an acquaintance that has shared.  Of course I am grateful for the support from friends and strangers but what is the real prize?  Watching people come together to try to help, the people in my community that have voted without knowing me, and the people I do not know well that have chosen to be involved, the friends that have ticked the box repeatedly, and others, many of whom have taken the most  that have simply ignored the post.

I caught myself watching another author’s vote increase in single increments  every few seconds.   I wondered how can so many people be  available on a lovely evening to tick the box?   Really does it matter?  I do thank each and every one of you – but the prize is how many friends have chosen to help, how many have chosen to share and lets face it vote for a cover that is pretty damned  good!

Next week we can get back to things that are really important.  I have entered another cover wars, with another site, and when it is my turn, you know something I probably wont tell anyone.

The Quilt, Unravelled travels from the high country to the picturesque island of Waiheke.  This is one of my favourite places and I am lucky to live only a short boat trip from its shores.  Waiheke rises out of the waters of Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf and its soils produce a variety of quality wines and fragrant olive oils.  Small bays and steep granite coloured cliffs form the boundary of the island and vineyards, and farms provide a tapestry on the islands landscape.  I will leave you with a few of my favourite photographs of the island and get back to this story in my next post.

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