It appears New Zealand is not having  summer weather this year.  High winds have claimed several tree’s, high humidity has claimed our energy and record rain fall has kept the grass green and the weeds flourishing.  What has been lacking is  the arrival of barbeque weather and long days of suntan lotion, shorts and freshly caught fish.

New Zealand is comprised of two main islands  although most of the population (known as Kiwi’s and named after our native, flightless bird) reside in the North Island.

I have been given several photographs by a very talented friend.  He travels the South Island of New Zealand regularly and although my writing only briefly takes the reader to this wonderful landscape,  I would like to share his images with you in each of my posts.  Of course we, in the North, also have wonderful scenery, modern cities and diverse landscapes, the South has a wildness that is unique.

Adrienne 499

Photograph by D.Clegg.

Excerpt Chapter 2.  Paul turned the bike into the Cottage drive. The light was still on, glowing dimly from behind the closed curtains.  As the headlight arched, his father stepped out of the darkness. He was alone in the miserable wet, his head bent against the weather, his oil skin running rivets of water to pool in muddy puddles around his gumboots.


0.99c sale has ended.  However The Quilt, Unravelled and the journey of the Clarke family will remain at a low price for the Christmas holiday period.

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