Sunshine and a tacky tree!

Adrienne 108

Discarded farm machinery in the South Island of New Zealand. Photo by D. Clegg.

At last a day of sunshine and a reminder that it is summer in the Southern Hemisphere. Gone are the days of cheap plastic toys and a deep fascination with wrapping paper and cardboard boxes. Presents with gaudy pictures of a large man dressed in red announce that  Christmas is almost upon us.  Our tacky tree bends pitifully under an assortment of equally tacky decorations. 

Excerpt Chapter 3.  The Quilt, Unravelled.  It was these early historical chapters that she anticipated with dread. She saw the pain and the loss etched deeply in Sean’s face as he was forced to recall days of hardship, littered with unanswered questions and personal loss. But no matter how dark the ghosts that haunt us, how deep the hurt they leave behind, they are the fabric that combines to make us what we are and their story was Jeans to tell. purchase the paperback and download the kindle version for free!

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