A mass of foil, tinsel and the twisted foliage of our tacky plastic tree is safely tucked away in a cardboard box.  One day of gluttony has left us content, and our fridges bulging under the pressure of leftover salads and the half eaten legs of various delicacies. Our recycle bin is full of empty bottles that bear testament to a day of overindulgence.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas however you celebrated it, and wherever you are in the world.  A little bit of Joanne lives in all of us at some stage of our life.

Excerpt from The Quilt, Unravelled.  Joanne grappled for words to put an end to this conversation, a reason to excuse herself without further jeopardizing her employment and the words to help her regain control over the direction he was steering her. 

She needed to be careful, she repeated the word, breathe. If Joanne mishandled herself and lost control she could find herself looking for alternative employment as well as a new place to live.

Joanne’s thoughts drifted again. How had things changed so quickly?

Adrienne 555

One of my favourite pictures by D. Clegg of a South Island, New Zealand landscape.

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