Review by Jackie Parry!

A lovely review 5# received today.  Many thanks for taking the time to write and post Jackie Parry.

This is a family saga, deeply immersed with friendship, romance, life, love, tragedy, and so much more. It is captivating right from the start, and it doesn’t let you go.
The protagonists’ lives reflect real life; they effortlessly show how different corners are turned and the decisions that are made can lead us to unexpected places.
With dark secrets, heartbreak, calamities, laughter and tears, this book will carry you through each emotion as if you are there. The female bonding of extraordinary characters will have you smiling at the pages and wanting more. You’ll suffer with them too.
All this, coupled with simmering love and immeasurable bravery, means that you won’t be able to put this book down. It is a beautifully woven story with magnificent descriptions that provide a vivid journey. The meaningful characters, intertwined with such reality, stitched together with a few surprises along the way, made me look forward to picking this book up each night.
The ending had me in tears; tears of every emotion; it is written with such powerful prose – the nearer I got to the end, the further away I wanted it to be. I’ll be reading more from Rochelle Carlton.

11 griffon

A Griffon Bruxellois the same breed as Critter (Sandy’s dog in The Quilt, Unravelled). remains at a reduced price over the holiday period.  Best wishes RC.

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