Latest 5 star review.

Latest review by Glen Barrera.  Five stars.  Thank you for taking the time to give feedback.

It was the title that intrigued me. I had heard of “story” patchwork quilts some years ago and liked the idea of a story that would unravel one. I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, the novel captured me from the beginning and didn’t let go until the last sentence. The story is about four generations of the Clarke family – “a family hunted by tragedy and hardened by struggle” – and how the past affects the present. At the same time it’s also a novel about relationships, love and loss, and the turning points in life that can make the difference between heartbreak and happiness. Like any good book, it’s the characters, good and bad, that make the story come alive. And Carlton has gone above and beyond in this department. Her richly woven creations still stick in my mind; the true mark of a good writer. I appreciated this book, and give it a high recommendation.

The Quilt, Unravelled

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