Lifestyle or life sentence?

Our move to the country.  The first experience.

The houses bordering us were multiplying.  They stretched out in front like a tapestry of brick and flowed in neat squares towards the blue green ocean beyond.  It was time to move away from the growing community of houses and the sound of hammers, lawnmowers and drills.  It was time to look for our own piece of paradise.

Our first glance at the impressive slope of gorse, noxious weeds and the daunting gravel drive did not inspire confidence.  But when the lush green folds of paddocks and soft bush filled with native birds greeted us we both knew we had found our Eden.


The reality of our new rural lifestyle.


Native bush filled with Tui’s and Kiwi.

Two townies and their two young children arrived in the country with little knowledge, no stock and a large assortment of domestic animals and decaying cars.  Country life was not to be the romantic ideal  we had expected.  Our lives were already hectic and time stretched by family, a manufacturing business and a launch that gave us a place to unwind while anchored  in  the sandy bays of the Hauraki Gulf.

The launch was the first thing to be sacrificed when our  idyllic “lifestyle” became a not so ideal reality.

The Quilt, Unravelled

The journey of the troubled Clarke Family and a quest for love against the odds.

Congratulations to the winner of The Quilt, Unravelled.  Thank you to those that entered..

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