My nose is out of a book

One of the unexpected bonuses of writing a novel has been the interesting people that have come in to my life.  Like minded people from different parts of the world.  Talented people with different interests and experiences.  But we have one thing in common.  We  like reading.  Through their contact I have unearthed many great books.   Books that may otherwise have gone unnoticed, buried forever under the monumental pile  available on Amazon.

Each one I read I will review and post my experiences to this blog.  Perhaps I can help you find your next best read?  Below is my review of Mark Fine’s “The Zebra Affaire.”  Go on hit the download button.  This one is well worth the effort!

Author, Mark Fine has neatly stitched together both a fictional romance and a factually  informative novel.  “The Zebra Affaire” will transport the reader  to a world of racial tension, tribal unease and prejudice.  It will allow the reader to easily visualise the beauty of the wild life,  and the landscape and lifestyle through the eyes of the author.

Through his sympathetic portrayal of the two main characters the reader is able to experience  a romantic, tragic and moving love story.  Their relationship also allows the reader to relate to and better understand the adversary and struggles of these troubled and volatile times.

“The Zebra Affaire” will appeal to two distinctly different readers and for achieving this I applaud the author.  On one level it will sweep the romantic away in a touching story of love against the odds.  On another level it will provide a thought provoking  journey to  those interested in South Africa and its history.

This is a captivating, well written novel.   It will move you to tears.  It will leave you thinking about the characters and their plight.   I would highly recommend this novel as  worthwhile  to a wide cross section of readers.

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