Charlie Robot. By Benedict Martin

Another book for you to consider.  A great read and well written.  Even if it is out of your normal it may be worth considering.

I was not sure what to expect when I started Charlie Robot by author Benedict Martin.  It was not my normal genre but I have just finished it and am so happy I took the plunge and explored a great read that was out of my “norm”.

This is a fantastic story, well written and crafted with professionalism along with a huge helping of imagination.

The story is easy to read, it flows and most of all it keeps you guessing until the end.   Charlie Robot is not predictable and there are twists and turns, characters to like and hate and the author’s style makes it easy to relate emotionally to each and every person (human or otherwise!)

I would highly recommend this book.  It would be an easy read for a wide cross section of people, is entertaining and even a little thought provoking. 

Perhaps in the future this story will no longer be considered fiction?

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Have a great weekend wherever you are!


Have a great weekend from Auckland, New Zealand

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