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Latest 5 star review.  Thank you!

I find it difficult to review an author’s debut novel, to read and review from a totally objective viewpoint, but sharing my thoughts on The Quilt: Unravelled comes easy and might be summed up in my simple words: a delight. Rochelle Carlton’s vivid descriptions provide the reader with crystal clear images of life in the beautiful country of New Zealand and her characters that play out the saga of the Clarke family. This is not sugar coated romance, but a dramatic and moving tale of the lives and complex relationships of generations of the individuals depicted. The further I read, the more captivated I became and found myself glued to the sofa, even on a lovely sunny day, reading until I satisfied my hunger to reach the resolution of this novel. I have truly enjoyed my first read of an authentic novel written by a Kiwi and set in New Zealand. Carlton has done a superb job with this first novel, and I have no doubt that her future work will be equal in excellence. space cover march 13th


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