Random Lucidity by David Adair


This is a story that held my attention from start to finish.  Each of its characters is believable and there are enough unexpected twists to keep the reader turning the pages.

I particularly enjoyed the author’s ability to draw you in to each relationship.  A romance under pressure, a father and son and their roles as they are inevitably reversed when age takes its toll, a caregiver that is plagued by greed and vice and a writer of notes that is far from what you would expect.

There are several experiences and choices that are not only true to life but also thought provoking.  The end came as a surprize and the plot is a credit to the author.

This is a book that would appeal to a wide cross section of readers – from  romantic suspense fans to those seeking a mystery that is both clever and well written.  I would highly recommend Random Lucidity  and look forward to reading more from this author.

Anyone considering this great book to download?  It is currently only 0.99c.  Great value and you wont be disappointed.

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