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Welcome to the world of Rochelle Carlton


Here is a little bit about me.  The face behind The Quilt, Unravelled.  I am older than I would like to admit and have  a full and wonderful life.  For a start I live in New Zealand, a country known for its diversity and beauty.  My time is shared with an engineering partner and two “almost adult” children.  Therefore I probably fall in to the category of an empty nester.  Although for me to qualify they would have had to leave home!

Home is a rustic converted shearing shed nestled on the edge of a pine forest.  We are a short drive or ferry trip away from Auckland City  in one direction and  long stretches of white sand in the other. Our land is green and lush with tall stands of  bush, an abundance of wonderful native birds and a small stream that meanders through the rear of the property.

My children fondly refer to me as a crazy cat lady.   I wear the term well.  Several cats rule the house including an old ginger gentleman by the name of Mouse.  I also help a small colony of feral felines that have taken up residence on the property.  For a little variation I have bred and competed pedigree Rottweiler dogs for many years, although this part of my life has been reduced due to time limitations.

Quarter horses dot our paddocks.  This is an indulgence my “almost adult” daughter enjoys both here and in the United States.  Of course now that she works full time it is also an indulgence that adds to my workload!

We are a family of car enthusiasts and have both exotic and historic vehicles.  Although most of the sheds on the property are  full of drift cars painted in various hideous colours, and wrecked body shells accumulated courtesy of our “almost adult” son.

We travel regularly throughout the USA, Europe and the Pacific Islands.  But while home in New Zealand we  enjoy good friends, meals cooked on the barbeque, warm beaches, fishing in the Gulf and sipping good wines.

How did a crazy cat lady that breeds horses and Rottweiler dogs end up writing a novel?

I remember a particularly slow day fishing off the steep cliffs that surround Waiheke Island.  My mind drifted off in to the world of The Quilt, Unravelled.  Two years later, (yes I admit it was written in moments stolen on the computer between my “almost adult” children’s needs, feral cats, foals, sheep, cattle and Rottweiler dogs)  I got to type “The End”.

I invite you to take a journey with the pioneering Clarke family and enjoy their sometimes tragic, sometimes romantic  life in rural high country, New Zealand and the islands that dot the harbour on my doorstep. Welcome to the little part of the world that I call home.

Please feel free to comment or follow my blog.  Now it is time to start the next novel!  Keep posted for updates.  Happy reading.



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