A Beautiful Drama in Stunning New Zealand

Interview by David Adair

Dave Adair

the quilt cover downsized

The Quilt, Unravelled

Rochelle Carlton



The Quilt is a wide-ranging and moving story of one family, their love, their losses and, most significantly, their resilience. It is a highly emotional read and Ms. Carlton does a masterful job of bringing the two main characters – Paul and Joanne – together throughout the story. Secondary characters consistently threatened to steal the story as they are written with such believability it must be that the author knows people like this in real life. The depth of the characters, the intertwined relationships, and the stunning New Zealand landscapes described throughout make this a wonderful choice for anyone looking to connect with a new and fresh group of characters.

IMG_2085 The author, searching for some solitude.

 A Chat with the Author

Dave: This was a moving story, filled with love and tragedy. How much of an emotional rollercoaster did it put you…

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