“Orchid Girl” an epic story of love set in our darkest days. Available on Kindle, paperback to follow. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0756RXQ1L/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1503974716&sr=1-1&keywords=orchid+girl

While the clouds of war gather, two innocent young lovers plan their future. As 1941 draws to a close Malaya is thrown in to turmoil. The couple suffer the ultimate betrayal and their dreams are shattered. Beautiful Lan lives through unbearable hardship while the dangers of war lurk around every corner.

When peace is restored, tragedy leads Lan across the Pacific Ocean to New Zealand. But the questions that have haunted her for years remain unanswered. Did her family survive the war? Was Hai taken to the death railways? If he is alive, does he wait for her return or has she faded from his memory?
“Orchid Girl” is a moving story of family, history at its darkest and the power of love. This is the journey of Lan and Hai.



Now available as a box set

“Beach and Beyond” Box set Romantic Suspense

“Crumbs to Caviar” (Book one)
Shona and her husband take time to recover at their beachside holiday home after the accident that shattered their world. But what should have been a fresh start for the young couple begins a chain of events that will turn their lives upside down. Shona is forced to face the ghosts of her past with tragic consequences.

An ocean away, Blake Coleman lives the celebrity lifestyle. Numerous women pass through his life. But Blake has no interest in committing again. Caring for his disabled brother and his corporate empire his life is full, yet empty.

A twisted tale of a life shattered by betrayal and dangerous obsession, beachside holidays and a love that could change it all.

“The Cost of Caviar” (Book two)
Building a new life beside magnificent Teal Lake should have been easy. After all, Shona McGuire wasn’t asking for much. A return to the ordinary life, security for her son and a man to love. But when tragedy strikes, and a stranger seeking solitude arrives at the lake, everything is thrown into turmoil.

“The Cost of Caviar” continues the story of Shona McGuire and Blake Coleman started in “Crumbs to Caviar”.

This bundle contains both Book one and Book two of the “Beach and Beyond” series. “Crumbs to Caviar” and “The Cost of Caviar” are also available individually on Kindle.

The author of this book resides in New Zealand. If you are a reader from the United States, the spelling of some words may differ slightly from what is familiar to you. A glossary at the back of the book provides insight in to the New Zealand terms.

“Take the journey.”

I was excited to receive a review copy of Jackie Parry’s new story “A Standard Journey.” I read and thoroughly enjoyed her previous book “Of Foreign Build,” and this highly anticipated adventure is the next offering from this remarkable writer.

A Standard Journey is set in Australia and takes the reader, by horseback, through The Bicentennial National (BNT) recreational trail. As with her previous book Jackie’s plans were never going to be straight forward.

Accompanied by her husband, Noel, she began the journey burdened down with gear, food and a dream to see this part of her adopted country by horseback.

Along the way they met unique individuals, forged friendships, gained knowledge and suffered bruises. Through her writing Jackie Parry opens up a window to the emotional and stressful life of the adventure that lay ahead of them.

Jackie Parry’s writing is, as always, professional and honest. Her free spirit and willingness to share moments of self-doubt, frayed nerves and strained relationships create a very special story that will be enjoyed by readers of many genres.


Latest review.

Thank you for the wonderful comments.  It is always lovely that people take the time to review.
o  n April 27, 2015
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
This book was a great read, the plot was very well put together. It kept you wanting to read to find out
what would happen next.
It had just the right balance of happiness and sadness for me, lots of interesting twists and turns,
interesting relationships between parents and their adult children and a very satisfying ending.
Nice to read a book that is set in your own country (New Zealand) and I felt very much part of the
story because of this. Would recommend this book.
Last day to download for just $1.99  http://goo.gl/yrnj5L
create space cover march 13th

The Quilt, Unravelled

“Out with the Tide” Review

Out With the Tide
by Lola Faye Arnold (Goodreads Author)


This book was a sweet and inspirational story set in the South, a location that I am not familiar with. The author described the area and used the local dialog to paint a great picture, which I enjoyed as I progressed through the story.

The main character is a believable young woman that evolves and grows. Caroline Carter has lost a loved one in the past and experiences heartache, choice and struggle within the pages. The story follows Caroline as she completes her education, explores her various friendships, relationships and her family dynamics. It also takes the reader to several other locations in the USA and again the author paints a vivid picture with her words.

The ending of this story was unexpected, and although this book is essentially a romance between Caroline and J.P this twist gave a more lifelike conclusion to the story.

I would recommend this book to romance and fiction reader’s also young adult readers.

Gone to ground

I must apologize  to being absent.  Why?  I am currently on a small island in the Yasawa Group of Fiji.  It is the perfect place for writing, and that is what I am doing.  Of course I am also finding some time to read “Out with the Tide,” a book I hope to finish soon and will review.  It is a really lovely story and nice to step away from the complex characters in my next novel.

The Quilt, Unravelled is available on kindle and in the paperback form.  If you haven’t as yet got your copy here is the link.  Enjoy a slice of New Zealand through the journey of Joanne Kyle and Paul Clarke. http://goo.gl/yrnj5LSAM_4736SAM_4756SAM_4755

I was asked recently if The Quilt, Unravelled was emotional to write.  Of course given the content and outcome for one of the characters I did become swept away by their circumstances.  But it was also a wonderful experience to travel the road of The Clarke Family, and to deliver a small message about a subject that is close to my heart.  Life hasn’t always got a predictable outcome.  But love can sometimes  make it easier to heal.

Have a great week and here are some photographs of the magnificent South Pacific for you to enjoy.

The latest review.

Thank you for the latest review.
photo 4
on March 27, 2015
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
The Quilt is a wide-ranging and moving story of one family, their love, their losses and, most significantly, their resilience. It is a highly emotional read and Ms. Carlton does a masterful job of bringing the two main characters – Paul and Joanne – together throughout the story.

Secondary characters consistently threatened to steal the story as they are written with such believability it must be that the author knows people like this in real life. The depth of the characters, the intertwined relationships, and the stunning New Zealand landscapes described throughout make this a wonderful choice for anyone looking to connect with a new and fresh group of characters.

Thank you for the review!

Latest 5 star review.  Thank you!

I find it difficult to review an author’s debut novel, to read and review from a totally objective viewpoint, but sharing my thoughts on The Quilt: Unravelled comes easy and might be summed up in my simple words: a delight. Rochelle Carlton’s vivid descriptions provide the reader with crystal clear images of life in the beautiful country of New Zealand and her characters that play out the saga of the Clarke family. This is not sugar coated romance, but a dramatic and moving tale of the lives and complex relationships of generations of the individuals depicted. The further I read, the more captivated I became and found myself glued to the sofa, even on a lovely sunny day, reading until I satisfied my hunger to reach the resolution of this novel. I have truly enjoyed my first read of an authentic novel written by a Kiwi and set in New Zealand. Carlton has done a superb job with this first novel, and I have no doubt that her future work will be equal in excellence.

http://goo.gl/yrnj5Lcreate space cover march 13th

My nose is out of a book

One of the unexpected bonuses of writing a novel has been the interesting people that have come in to my life.  Like minded people from different parts of the world.  Talented people with different interests and experiences.  But we have one thing in common.  We  like reading.  Through their contact I have unearthed many great books.   Books that may otherwise have gone unnoticed, buried forever under the monumental pile  available on Amazon.

Each one I read I will review and post my experiences to this blog.  Perhaps I can help you find your next best read?  Below is my review of Mark Fine’s “The Zebra Affaire.”  Go on hit the download button.  This one is well worth the effort!


Author, Mark Fine has neatly stitched together both a fictional romance and a factually  informative novel.  “The Zebra Affaire” will transport the reader  to a world of racial tension, tribal unease and prejudice.  It will allow the reader to easily visualise the beauty of the wild life,  and the landscape and lifestyle through the eyes of the author.

Through his sympathetic portrayal of the two main characters the reader is able to experience  a romantic, tragic and moving love story.  Their relationship also allows the reader to relate to and better understand the adversary and struggles of these troubled and volatile times.

“The Zebra Affaire” will appeal to two distinctly different readers and for achieving this I applaud the author.  On one level it will sweep the romantic away in a touching story of love against the odds.  On another level it will provide a thought provoking  journey to  those interested in South Africa and its history.

This is a captivating, well written novel.   It will move you to tears.  It will leave you thinking about the characters and their plight.   I would highly recommend this novel as  worthwhile  to a wide cross section of readers.