“This Nearly Was Mine.” Review.

Review “This Nearly Was Mine,” by Nancy Farkas

“This Nearly Was Mine,” is a work of fiction but reads a little like a memoire. The author’s writing is deeply personal, honest and emotive. I am sure most readers will relate, through their own life experiences, to some part of this story.

The journey takes the reader from the main characters first love, to marriage, children and from disappointment to celebration. Because of the authors style of writing the reader is given a window in to life that feels real, and will involve and sweep them along with the story.

From the tragedy of family, to the passion found and lost, to the disappointments and love of children, to the comfortable acceptance of long term partners and soulmates. “This Nearly Was Mine,” is a well written and well-paced novel.

I would recommend this story to romance readers, readers of memoires despite it being a work of fiction, and suggest it is probably more suitable for women readers.


Fans of the Hobbit

A photo for the readers and writers that have commented on The Hobbit. I am now in Fiji and about to start my new novel. Two books, one story.  Stay posted  to find out more about the life and times of Shona McGuire.


Air New Zealand

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Charlie Robot. By Benedict Martin

Another book for you to consider.  A great read and well written.  Even if it is out of your normal it may be worth considering.

I was not sure what to expect when I started Charlie Robot by author Benedict Martin.  It was not my normal genre but I have just finished it and am so happy I took the plunge and explored a great read that was out of my “norm”.

This is a fantastic story, well written and crafted with professionalism along with a huge helping of imagination.

The story is easy to read, it flows and most of all it keeps you guessing until the end.   Charlie Robot is not predictable and there are twists and turns, characters to like and hate and the author’s style makes it easy to relate emotionally to each and every person (human or otherwise!)

I would highly recommend this book.  It would be an easy read for a wide cross section of people, is entertaining and even a little thought provoking. 

Perhaps in the future this story will no longer be considered fiction? 


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Have a great weekend wherever you are!


Have a great weekend from Auckland, New Zealand

My nose is out of a book

One of the unexpected bonuses of writing a novel has been the interesting people that have come in to my life.  Like minded people from different parts of the world.  Talented people with different interests and experiences.  But we have one thing in common.  We  like reading.  Through their contact I have unearthed many great books.   Books that may otherwise have gone unnoticed, buried forever under the monumental pile  available on Amazon.

Each one I read I will review and post my experiences to this blog.  Perhaps I can help you find your next best read?  Below is my review of Mark Fine’s “The Zebra Affaire.”  Go on hit the download button.  This one is well worth the effort!


Author, Mark Fine has neatly stitched together both a fictional romance and a factually  informative novel.  “The Zebra Affaire” will transport the reader  to a world of racial tension, tribal unease and prejudice.  It will allow the reader to easily visualise the beauty of the wild life,  and the landscape and lifestyle through the eyes of the author.

Through his sympathetic portrayal of the two main characters the reader is able to experience  a romantic, tragic and moving love story.  Their relationship also allows the reader to relate to and better understand the adversary and struggles of these troubled and volatile times.

“The Zebra Affaire” will appeal to two distinctly different readers and for achieving this I applaud the author.  On one level it will sweep the romantic away in a touching story of love against the odds.  On another level it will provide a thought provoking  journey to  those interested in South Africa and its history.

This is a captivating, well written novel.   It will move you to tears.  It will leave you thinking about the characters and their plight.   I would highly recommend this novel as  worthwhile  to a wide cross section of readers.

Good coffee and burnt muffins


New Zealand Tui, native to New Zealand. Seen here in one of its favourite places the Kowhai tree.

As the title suggests my latest attempt at being awarded the title of domestic goddess has failed, and it has failed spectacularly.  But as we washed down blackened berries with strong caffeine this page has been steered in to a logical format.    Welcome to my new look blog.

I would like to share a few of the images that have been included in previous posts.  I hope you enjoy these glimpses of New Zealand through the eyes of some of my talented friends.

If you have been following my blog you will know a friend has recently been diagnosed with bone cancer.  I am happy to say that he is in good spirits and an auction was held yesterday.  It has raised considerable funds towards his treatment.  Great to see so many generous people  donating and bidding.  Mike is a wonderful man, and for another three weeks we will continue to donate proceeds from The Quilt, Unravelled to his on-going treatment..

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The Quilt, Unravelled


Auckland City, New Zealand.


Waiheke Island, North Island, New Zealand. Home of The Quilt, Unravelled.

Adrienne 555

The spectacular South Island, New Zealand. Photo Des Clegg.


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Tragedy brings them together.  The past drives them apart.  Their choices change the future.  An epic story of love against the odds.

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The Quilt, Unravelled

The Quilt, Unravelled


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I would like to share with you the latest review of The Quilt, Unravelled.  5 stars and the description below is beautifully written!


A single thread is fragile, as is life. But as more threads are woven together, the fabric strengthens. Now those individual threads may represent major themes of the human condition–both good and bad: the fragility of health, betrayal of family, careers terminated, sociopathic cruelty — or, on the other hand, there’s the kindness of strangers, selfless loyalty, a purpose driven life, the damp muzzle of loving dog, natures splendor and the possibility of true love. All these threads come together in bold colors and powerful strands in Rochelle Carlton’s compelling novel “The Quilt: Unraveled” to render vividly life’s harsh realities in a story that is both personal and intimate. This multi-generation family saga is immense in scope (and intense); but the author finds balance by placing the majority of the action in New Zealand (such a refreshing change from typical book backdrops). By the end, I found I cared profoundly about the characters Ms. Carlton had created, and that is the essence of what a good story is all about. I’m now waiting on her next book!

Review by author Mark Fine The Zebra Affaire

The Quilt, Unravelled

The Quilt, Unravelled