The Quilt, Unravelled

The Quilt, Unravelled

Joanne Kyle’s day began with her naked fiancé disappearing in the rear-view mirror, and ended with news so horrific that she collapsed on the filthy toilet floor at the airport. Now she begins to understand what her promiscuous friend tried to tell her.

Paul Clarke is handsome, toned by hours of physical work and living on a spectacular farm shrouded in mystery. Wherever he goes Paul draws attention. But he is not interested, he is leaving the King Country behind and there’s no place for a woman in his life. One mistake is all it takes for his plans to be thrown in to disarray.

Tragedy brings them together. The past drives them apart. Their choices change the future. An epic story of love against the odds.

“This should become a TV series or a movie. It is that good in my opinion.” Mr Butler.

“Moving, rousing and beautifully written.” Jackie Parry.

“A romance, a family saga and a story about friendship.” Dylan Horrocks.

“Being away from New Zealand it was such and indulgence to be given such wonderful imagery.” Meilyrox.

Mature content warning. This book contains language that may offend some readers.

Excerpt Dylan Horrocks (Author.)

Set in beautiful New Zealand the two main characters, Paul Clarke and Joanne Kyle, begin their story miles apart both geographically and socially.

Both have experienced tragedy and pain. The Clarke family are haunted by an unsolved disappearance, addiction and violence and the cycle threatens to repeat itself in Paul’s own unhappy marriage. In contrast, attorney, Joanne Kyle’s life seems, at least on the surface to be blessed with privilege and success. In reality it is emotionally bleak, until even the superficial gloss collapses and she is left with almost nothing.

The most powerful part of the novel involves Joanne’s relationship with Sandy, a wild, independent school friend whose carefree life is abruptly turned upside down. Their friendship is compelling and the painful journey they share is emotional and real. Sandy is the catalyst who transforms the lives of those around her; but she is also a frightened, angry human struggling to deal with the harsh cards she’s been dealt.

Amid the tragedy there are plenty of likable characters, acts of kindness and a simmering love story.

The journey of the Clarke family, the practical details of farming, vineyards and restaurants all form part of an heirloom quilt. The Quilt, Unravelled exposes the very best and worst of human nature, the power of love and explores the diversity of the New Zealand landscape.


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